The DCVF team works year round to meet with budding entrepreneurs, to diligence investment opportunities, to network with other investors to benefit the Colorado entrepreneurial community and to build our portfolio of investments.

More importantly, the DCVF takes an active interest in our ongoing portfolio companies and serves as a resource for the entrepreneurs with whom we partner. The following summaries provide a brief overview of our current portfolio of investments.

Yonomi is a cloud platform and an app that, together, allow “Internet of Things” devices in a user’s home to follow predefined routines. The user uses his or her iPhone or Android smartphone to create routines such as automatically turning on the lights when he or she arrives home, or turning down the thermostat during certain hours of the day. Many such routines can be created, allowing the user’s smart devices to react appropriately to his or her daily routine. Yonomi works with connected thermostats, lights, fitness trackers, and home appliances, without the need for separate controlling hardware.

Notion produces small proprietary sensors that provide data about changes to a particular environment. These changes include movement, vibration, temperature, natural frequency, sound, light, and moisture. The sensors can be installed anywhere in a home or business, and once they connect to the Internet they can communicate information such as whether a door is open or closed or what a room’s temperature is. Notion offers sensors, a wireless “bridge,” and a mobile app that provides notifications, giving users peace of mind wherever they are.
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Mobile Pulse is a software solution designed for enterprises to define their unique mobile footprint and drive continuous improvement to their network. The Mobile Pulse product transforms the black box that is enterprise mobile usage data into actionable connectivity maps and reports. This allows Mobile Pulse customers to determine the best carrier, negotiate the best deals with wireless providers, and maintain high levels of service.


BriteHub is an online platform that connects entrepreneurs with manufacturers. Finding a manufacturer and managing the production process is one of the biggest challenges maker entrepreneurs face.

BriteHub helps these entrepreneurs get their products to market faster by connecting them with a network of high-quality manufacturers who are looking for new customers. The BriteHub platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, saving both entrepreneurs and manufacturers countless hours through education, guidance, and effective communication.

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Birdbox brings all your photos and videos together in to one place.  All your stuff on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr,Dropbox, and a dozen other services are in one view, searchable, and easily shareable with friends and family.

Nests allow you to organize your content using a #hashtag on any service or device you use. Tag something on Facebook, it shows up in your nest. Tag something else on Twitter, it shows up in your nest.  Instagram…you get the picture.


Rapt Media is a cloud-based video editing and publishing platform that enables content creators to build dynamic, interactive videos with drag-and-drop ease.  Your viewers delight in being the masters of their video experience, while you gather valuable data about their preferences through powerful analytics that help you maximize your return on investment.

SpyderLynk is a mobile marketing and technology company pioneering highly functional solutions for enabling mobile connectivity between brand marketers and consumers.

SnapTags are a best-in-class mobile tagging solution delivering interactive functionality and trackability to mass marketing by making any logo a gateway to mobile marketing. An alternative to 2D Mobile Barcodes or Mobile Tags, SnapTags are accessible without a phone application and can be created from any logo.